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When It Comes To Moving Jenkintown
 We Don't Horse Around!

Jenkintown, PA

The Borough of Jenkintown is truly one of the most unique communities in Montgomery County.

The Borough is a mostly a residential community that is separated into East and West by the Business District.


Over the past several years, Jenkintown Borough has focused much of its time and resources to the revitalization of the Uptown West Neighborhood.


Jenkintown Borough is a pedestrian oriented community in which residents walk to the stores, the Post Office, and Church, their children walk to school, to the playground, and to their friends’ houses, and patrons are able to easily walk the Central Business District.


These revitalization efforts include the implementation of streetscape improvements, increased public parking and shared parking, traffic calming enhancements, and renovations to the Hiway Theatre and the Salem Baptist Church.


Though the Borough continues to made strides in revitalization, it is careful to recognize and celebrate its past.


The community was named for William Jenkins, a Welsh pioneer settler.

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When it comes to moving we don't horse around

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Local Spots

Where to horse around in Jenkintown, PA

Marzano Ristorante

Marzano Ristorante

Kings Corner

Kings Corner

Welcome Home Cafe

Welcome Home Cafe

Mr. Andy's Chicken

Mr. Andy's Chicken

West Avenue Grille Restaurant & Food Truck

West Avenue Grille Restaurant & Food Truck

Bella's Restaurant & Pizzeria

Bella's Restaurant & Pizzeria

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