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When It Comes To Moving Lansdale
 We Don't Horse Around!

Lansdale, PA

Lansdale Borough as seen through the eyes of its residents was not always the town that it is today.


In the early colonial days, the area that is now call Lansdale was covered with vast forests and its primary residents were Lenni Lenape Indians.

It wasn’t until the 1850’s when the North Pennsylvania Railroad was established that Lansdale began to grow into a prosperous community.


Like any small village in the early days, the railroad brought much needed work into the area, therefore creating the need for housing, businesses and even hotels.


In 1860, with the influx of people moving into the area, the federal government felt the need to make this once small village a post office village.

Getting its name from railroad engineer Philip Lansdale Fox, this small village comprised of 269 acres became Lansdale Borough.

Today, Lansdale Borough is home to approximately 20,000 residents, living in 2.96 square miles or 1,894.4 acres of land.


The once muddy roadways are now paved, and there are a variety of houses, shops, businesses and industries to meet the needs of the residents.

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Local Spots

Where to horse around in Lansdale, PA

Lansdale Tavern

Lansdale Tavern

Stove and Tap

Stove and Tap

White Jasmin Thai Cuisine

White Jasmin Thai Cuisine

Wister's Barbecue

Wister's Barbecue

Round House

Round House

Valentino's Bistro

Valentino's Bistro

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