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Newtown Square

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Newtown Square, PA

The first mention of the township was in 1684, when Thomas Norbury and John Humphrey were appointed collectors of the "Levie for the court house and Prison for ye Township of Newtowne".


Newtown Square was the name used for the townstead with the majority of early settlers being Welshmen.


These Welsh "Friends" (Quakers) needed a road to facilitate their journey to meeting, the only established road at the time being Newtown Street Road, which ran north and south. As such, in 1687, an east–west road was laid out (Goshen Road) so the Friends could attend either Goshen or the Haverford Friends Meeting.


By 1696, these friends had become numerous enough to hold their own meeting in Newtown and continued to meet in a private home until the completion of the Newtown Square Friends Meetinghouse in 1711.


In the 18th century, it was basically a farming community.


During the Revolutionary War, Newtown Township was visited several times by foraging parties of the British Army.


Present-day Newtown Square is a laid-back suburban community just west of Philadelphia that features homes nestled in the countryside, a vibrant downtown, and a deep connection with its history.


Residents love this small town with its tight-knit community and relaxing pace.

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Local Spots

Where to horse around in Newtown Square, PA

Nifty Fifty's

Nifty Fifty's

Firepoint Grill

Firepoint Grill

Teca Newtown Square

Teca Newtown Square



Fellini Cafe Newtown Square

Fellini Cafe Newtown Square

Upper Crust Restaurant & Pizzeria

Upper Crust Restaurant & Pizzeria

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