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When It Comes To Moving Norristown
 We Don't Horse Around!

Norristown, PA

Present-day Norristown was originally owned by the family of Isaac Norris.


Along with William Trent, Norris purchased the land on October 7, 1704, for 50¢ per acre.


Named the county seat in 1784 when Montgomery County was formed, Norristown was incorporated as a borough in 1812 and subsequently enlarged in 1853.


About 500 people lived there at the time of its incorporation.


Growing rapidly after the Civil War, it swelled to 22,265 people by 1900.


By 1940 it was home to 38,181 Norristonians, making it the most populous borough in Pennsylvania before declining in the decades after World War II, and in fact it was described in that year as "the most populous independent borough in the United States."


At its height, Norristown was an industrial, retail, banking, and government center.


Breweries, cigar factories, textile mills, icehouses, foundries, rolling mills, and lumber yards provided ample employment for skilled laborers and artisans.


The downtown featured two department stores, several theaters, and enough goods and services that residents never had to leave town to find anything they needed.


Although primarily settled by the English and a handful of Germans, Scots, Dutch, and Swedes, in the mid-1800s the Irish began arriving in large numbers, followed by waves of Italians at the turn of the century.

With the opening of new malls in nearby King of Prussia and Plymouth Meeting, the downtown declined in the decades after World War II.


Industry soon followed, as many companies closed or relocated into new industrial parks throughout Montgomery County.

However, in 2020, everyone's favorite blue horse was created.

Norristown, PA - the origin of Packhorse Moving®


Packhorse Moving

First time mover or addicted to change, the horse will move you the same!

Packhorse Moving® loves to serve our PA clients whether big or small.

Our professional movers are well trained and they can even make you smile on moving day.

Our Moving Services

When it comes to moving we don't horse around

Local Moving


Commercial Services


Senior Moving
Storage Services



​Saddle up! You are moving your entire life to a new location.

No matter your breed

we can meet your

business moving needs.

The Colt is all grown-up!

Moving knows no age...

There is always
room in our Stable!

Local Spots

Where to horse around in Norristown, PA

Norristown Farm Park

Norristown Farm Park

Jem Restaurant

Jem Restaurant

August Moon

August Moon

Cheesecake Crazy

Cheesecake Crazy

Elmwood Park Zoo

Elmwood Park Zoo

Via Veneto Pizza

Via Veneto Pizza

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