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When It Comes To Moving Pottstown
 We Don't Horse Around!

Pottstown, PA

William Penn deeded the land, which is now Pottstown and the surrounding area, to his son John in 1701.


Among the early settlers were Germans, Swedes, and English.


The Potts family, who were iron masters, moved to this area and established a forge here.


The Potts home was a showplace on a small hill just west of town.

John Potts, the oldest son of Thomas Potts, purchased nine hundred ninety-five acres in the area and in 1752 Pottstown was founded.


When the town was first laid out, it stretched from York Street to Charlotte Street and from the Schuylkill River to Beech Street.


Before 1800, the village was called Pottsgrove, however, as the population increased, this slowly evolved into Pottstown.


In 1944, the Council-Manager form of government was adopted.


Administrative responsibility for the operation of the borough was given to a professional Manager.


The borough has had 12 managers since the position was created.

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When it comes to moving we don't horse around

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Local Spots

Where to horse around in Pottstown, PA

Big Phil's Bar & Grill

Big Phil's Bar & Grill

Welcome To The Avenue

Welcome To The Avenue



Piccolo Mondo

Piccolo Mondo

Three Brothers Grill

Three Brothers Grill

Shorty's Sunflower Cafe

Shorty's Sunflower Cafe

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