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Spring City

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Spring City, PA

Nestled along the banks of the Schuylkill River, Spring City is a historic town in Chester County, about 45 minutes west of Philadelphia and about 15 minutes north of Valley Forge.


The town has a unique past that dates back to the early 1800's.


As this area was settled it came to be referred to as “Pump Town,” named due to a public pump frequented by citizens and visitors.


Eventually, the natural springs in the area proffered an obvious name and “Springville” was chartered on August 12th, 1867.


Yet even this choice wouldn’t stand as it was discovered that Pennsylvania already had a “Springville ”.


So, in 1872 the name was changed to Spring City.

It was the opening of the Schuylkill Navigation Canal in 1824 that can be directly attributed to the early development of this small town.


In 1840, the first bridge to connect Spring City to Royersford across the Schuylkill was completed.


Canal born industries such as the American Paper Company and the Spring City Stove Company were operating as early as the 1850’s and people were coming to live in Springville.


As the people came, with them came the houses, churches, schools, and of course local government.

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Local Spots

Where to horse around in Spring City, PA

The Latin Corner

The Latin Corner

Spring Hollow Bar & Grille

Spring Hollow Bar & Grille

Wilke's Pizzeria and Grille

Wilke's Pizzeria and Grille

Tuned Up Brewing Company

Tuned Up Brewing Company

El Volcan

El Volcan

Gallagher's Country Tavern

Gallagher's Country Tavern

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