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burlington, nj

When It Comes To Moving Burlington
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Burlington, NJ

The City of Burlington in New Jersey is a destination rich in history and heritage, with more than 40 historic sites.

The city traces its roots to 1677, when the Quakers established a settlement along the Delaware River.

The area went by “Bridlington” and served as West Jersey's capital until the early 18th century.

It was the birthplace and home to several notable figures in American history, including renowned novelist James Fennimore Cooper and President Ulysses S. Grant’s family.

Many old institutions, along with budding arts and culture establishments, still stand in the city today.

Restaurants and various antique shops line downtown, offering a convenient way of touring the city of Burlington.

Burlington, NJ
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When it comes to moving we don't horse around

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Local Spots

Where to horse around in Burlington, NJ

Burlington Island

Cruise around Burlington Island

King George II Inn

King George II Inn

Third State Brewing

Third State Brewery


Library Company of Burlington

Center for the Arts

Lyceum Hall
Center for the Arts


J B Bakery

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